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Simply said, seeding is the planting of what you want to receive.

This is what Jesus did. Do you want to know the occasion he did it? The multiplication of the fish and loaves is one of the greatest demonstrations of seeding. And what happened when it was all done? They had baskets full of what was left over — surplus — more than what people could eat, more than what was necessary.

Seeding is for a future-effect and is done beforehand. It works in the same sense as when you pray over your food and say, “Thank you, God, for what I am about to receive.” With seeding, you are saying, “Before I receive this, I am acknowledging the presence of it.”

Seeding is the idea of going to a field with wheat in your hand and casting it on the land as they did in biblical times. The implication is that there's an attitude of gratitude for having the opportunity of owning the land, seeding, and reaping. In modern times, when you're seeding for something in the future, it is not as clearly defined how that future event will be returned to you. This is in contrast to tithing, where you know exactly how it is returned because you have already received it.

Seeding comes under grace as a future existence, and it's one of the most profound, best-kept secrets in the Bible. It has been called faith tithing, and we could also call it pre-tithing, except it's not based upon 10 percent of what you've received; it's based upon the amount you want to receive, and there's no limit to how it can come in. Still another name for it is the tenfold increase. For the bigger thinkers, it's called the hundredfold increase, and for the gigantic thinkers, it's called a millionfold increase! 

This idea of casting forward through seeding must include an act that commits you to it as a mental focus. You need a clear vision, a clear idea of how you want it to be, and you seed for that. Then you wait for the harvest — not in terms of sitting down but in terms of watering and fertilizing the ground so that there's something for it to grow out of. You make sure it's watered and fertilized by keeping your mind on what you want; you water and fertilize it out of your mental desires. It's an attitude or vision.

Within the last fifty years many thousands of people have read John Hoshor's wonderful little book, SEED MONEY: THE LAW OF TENFOLD RETURN AND HOW IT WORKS. They have grasped the scientific principle behind the Seed Money Formula and have successfully applied it in their daily lives to end their money troubles.

Book Excerpts:


Let us imagine we have $50. in United States of America currency.

We could put the money in a Savings Bank and it would return us approximately $2. a year. We could buy a Mortgage Certificate and get a return of $3. or even $4. a year. Or we might use the money to buy a share or, depending on the price, several shares of stock in some corporation, perhaps get dividends and, provided we bought at the right time and sold at the right time, make a profit on the transaction.

Of course we could also use the $50. for food, rent, clothing, books, tools or for other needs or just for pleasure.

That is why money is the medium of exchange. It can be used for many things.

One of the things money can be used for,—which at this writing is not generally known,—is as SEED MONEY. This means that we can so use money that we reap a harvest of multiplied money.

Just how do we plant SEED MONEY? What happens when we do plant it?

We give it to our Church or to a hospital, school or college or to any of the Social Service organizations which subsist on donations. Or, if we so wished, we could give it to any needy person, friend or stranger.

Then we follow a specific mental formula derived from the Great Teacher and proven absolutely true and dependable by such finan­cial giants as the first John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Julius Rosenwald, Andrew Mellon and others of great wealth.

With perfect safety, without any risk whatever, our SEED MONEY so planted, will return us tenfold.  We will receive back $500.

Can't you just see the bankers and the economists holding up their hands in horror at such thought? They will tell you it cannot be done.

You are welcome to believe them and lay this book aside or give it to someone else. Or you can read it and learn how SEED MONEY multiplies, why it multiplies and by following the princi­ples and methods set forth prove its truth for yourself.


SEED MONEY: THE LAW OF TENFOLD RETURN AND HOW IT WORKS by John Hoshor was first published in 1960 and has been out of print for many years. Copies of this little gem are now very hard to come by indeed and typically change hands for $150 or more, however, thanks to the wonders of digital publishing, we are now able to offer you the complete original text of this rare book in Adobe PDF eBook format at a fraction of that cost.



Planting the seed of your tenfold return is easy and fun. Sometimes people choose to plant their seed money anonymously, but sometimes it’s not possible. Either way... if given and planted with joy, love and belief... your tenfold return will happen like clockwork.

The Law of Tenfold Return is simply amazing! It’s wonderful! It’s awesome...and we would run out of adjectives before fully describing it! So let’s just say, this is a law like no other law, the universe has given us. It makes sense and gives sense to everything the Bible says about asking, receiving and giving. 

Follow the simple rules outlined in this book and you will find that it will work for you just as it has worked for countless thousands of others. It always has and always will.


Bonus #1
Working the Law of Tenfold Return" 
eBook by Dr. Jon P. Speller

In 1960, John Hoshor's marvellous little book SEED MONEY: THE LAW OF TENFOLD RETURN AND HOW IT WORKS was first published. In the intervening years thousands of people have been helped through John Hoshor's account of the Great, but amazingly simple, LAW OF SEED MONEY.

He and the author of this book, Dr. Jon Speller, both thought that more people could be helped if they could know the Biblical references to the working of the Principle of Seed Money. This book provides typical illustrations of the working of the Law of Tenfold Return with emphasis on HOW to overcome difficulties the reader may have in practicing it.

Thousands have grasped the scientific principle behind the Seed Money Formula and have successfully applied it in their daily lives to end their money troubles. Others have not yet been able to use The Law of Tenfold Return—for different reasons. This book is to help these to prosperity—through Seed Money in Action.

SEED MONEY IN ACTION provides a way to increase your in­come through the Law of Tenfold Return. Amazingly simple to practice, the Principal of Seed Money has helped thousands in their financial problems.

By the time you finish reading SEED MONEY IN ACTION you can grasp the Principal of Seed Money and start applying it in your daily life. If at first you don't succeed, SEED MONEY IN AC­TION shows some of the ways you can remove mental blocks im­peding your tenfold return.

Originally published in 1965, this book is now quite hard to find and sells on Amazon for $20 or more.

$20 Value

Bonus #2
The New Road to Opulence"

eBook by Henry Harrison Brown

 It is believed that this little book was the first utterance of the thought that each individual has the ability so to radiate his mental forces and that he can cause the Dollar to feel him, love him, seek him and thus draw, at will, all things needed for his unfoldment from the Universal Supply.

It will help you to rise above the drudgery of enforced labor and enable you to enter upon the manifold expressions of life with the joy and spontaneity of childhood. This is the thought which comes to you with this Lesson of Success.

First published in 1903, this book has been out of print for many years and original copies are very scarce indeed.

$7.95 Value

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